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Consumer Litigation 

Wolf Haldenstein is a national leader in protecting consumer rights. 

Wolf Haldenstein has achieved significant recoveries and protections for consumers in a broad range of cases. The Firm fights to protect consumers and businesses from unfair and deceptive practices, faulty and unsafe products, and unethical practices. 

Unfair & Deceptive Practices

Wolf Haldenstein is committed to protecting individuals and businesses from unfair and deceptive practices. The Firm is a national leader in consumer protection litigation in state and federal courts across the country.  Wolf Haldenstein has been appointed as lead counsel in many large unfair and deceptive practice cases, winning significant settlements against companies accused of fraud and false advertising that caused substantial injury to consumers and businesses.

Wolf Haldenstein has successfully prosecuted claims for unfair banking, lending and debt collection practices; deceptive guarantees or warranties; false or misleading advertising; deceptive internet advertising; unfair sales practices; genetically modified crops; deceptive auto-renewals of contracts or services; breaches of restrictive covenants; privacy and confidentiality violations; undisclosed fees; deceptive pricing or billing; and misleading statements regarding the quality or function of products or services.

Defective Products

Wolf Haldenstein has substantial experience representing plaintiffs who have been damaged by products that have been defectively designed and/or manufactured. The Firm has a proven track record in product liability cases, protecting consumers and holding manufacturers accountable for their actions. Wolf Haldenstein has obtained significant recoveries for consumers through product defect settlements.

Wolf Haldenstein has successfully prosecuted claims including product failures; unsafe or mislabeled ingredients; breach of warranty; manufacturer negligence; failure to recall dangerous or defective products; and failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions regarding safe product usage.

The Firm’s current class actions include claims for dangerously defective vehicles, focusing on faulty ignition and acceleration systems and defective airbag deployment mechanisms. The Firm also has prosecuted cases regarding unsafe medications, defective toys, faulty household items, and dangerous personal care or leisure products.

Wolf Haldenstein thoroughly investigates claims of product failures to identify all the potential sources and instances of liability. The Firm works with established and experienced experts to gain a thorough understanding of the scientific and technical issues in each case. The Firm seeks to bring attention to dangerous product defects while recovering appropriate compensation for affected consumers.

Unlawful Taxation

Wolf Haldenstein has achieved substantial and noteworthy settlement results in litigating large class actions against the levying of unlawful taxes.

Wolf Haldenstein represents consumers and businesses seeking redress for harm caused by the imposition and collection of unlawful taxes. When the Firm identifies improper overcharges and assessments to its clients, the Firm prosecutes claims for unjust enrichment, breach of contract, and misrepresentation.

Wolf Haldenstein challenges unlawful taxes and assessments levied on utility services, including telecommunications, water, and natural gas. The Firm works diligently to identify violations of federal, state, or municipal restrictions on how such taxes may be levied and collected.

Wolf Haldenstein also commences special proceedings to challenge agency decisions related to taxation. A special proceeding is an effective way to protect against overcharges and other misconduct. The Firm has the experience and knowledge to achieve successful results in the complex terrain of special proceedings.

Fair Wage Litigation

Wolf Haldenstein has served as lead counsel in some of the most important federal and state fair wage class actions in the United States, which have resulted in the recovery of over $300 million for wronged workers. The Firm has a stellar record of success in litigating various types of claims on behalf of workers, and we have developed a focused practice dedicated to tackling wage and hour cases, particularly in the areas of employee misclassification and failure to pay overtime and expenses.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling complex class action cases and representing large groups of employees under both the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN). Wolf Haldenstein has fought on behalf of securities brokers who were denied overtime pay and expense reimbursements; truck drivers who were misclassified as independent contractors and denied overtime and payroll benefits; workers who lost wages due to plant closures; and athletes who were denied minimum wage payments.


Wolf Haldenstein is dedicated to supporting whistleblowers in their efforts to report and combat fraud and unlawful conduct while also helping to safeguard their privacy. The Firm represents whistleblowers under federal and state programs, like the federal False Claims Act and the New York False Claims Act, that protect against retaliation and offer rewards to eligible individuals for reporting wrongdoing.

Wolf Haldenstein believes that the role of whistleblowers is essential to ensuring fair conduct in corporate environments. Whether an individual reports wrongdoing to public officials or brings a private enforcement action on their own behalf or on behalf of a class of victims, our attorneys will work tirelessly to see that these brave efforts to combat fraud and illegal misconduct result in a successful outcome.

Wolf Haldenstein draws upon a vast body of knowledge and expertise to prosecute a wide variety of whistleblower cases, including false government claims, fraudulent or unregistered securities, Ponzi schemes, insider trading, false or misleading corporate statements, theft, or misappropriation of trade secrets, unsafe or illegal work environments, unfair and deceptive practices, defective products, and other forms of corporate malfeasance.

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