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Antitrust Litigation

Wolf Haldenstein has recovered more than $2 billion for direct and indirect purchasers harmed by federal and state antitrust violations.

Wolf Haldenstein is a proven leader in antitrust litigation, representing both competitors and consumers harmed by anti-competitive practices. The Firm has been recognized by courts throughout the United States for its experience and accomplishments in prosecuting antitrust class actions. Wolf Haldenstein has served as lead or co-lead counsel in many of the nation’s largest antitrust cases, including a successful appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court in Apple v. Pepper in 2018, challenging Apple’s monopolization of the market for iPhone apps.  The Firm represents direct and indirect purchasers in cases challenging monopolization, price-fixing, manipulation, bid-rigging, and other anti-competitive practices. 

Wolf Haldenstein has achieved recoveries in a wide range of industries. Our cases have involved such diverse products and services as electronics, financial and investment products, credit cards and services, industrial parts, chemicals and supplies, household products, entertainment and airline services, agricultural and food products, healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products. 

Sherman Act Litigation 

For more than four decades, Wolf Haldenstein has successfully represented competitors and purchasers directly harmed by anticompetitive misconduct in litigation under the federal Sherman Act in federal courts across the country.  The Firm currently represents app buyers in <Pepper v. Apple>, one of the largest direct purchaser antitrust prosecutions in history, where it achieved a noteworthy victory in the United States Supreme Court. 

State Indirect Purchaser Litigation 

Wolf Haldenstein has a long history of successfully representing consumers indirectly harmed by anticompetitive misconduct and has prevailed in litigation under various state antitrust statutes in many different state courts throughout the country. The Firm currently represents indirect purchasers of processed seafood in <Olean Wholesale Grocery v. Bumble Bee Foods>, a massive indirect purchaser antitrust class action, where it has achieved summary judgment against one of the defendants and recently successfully defended class certification in the Ninth Circuit. 

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