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Government Investigations & Monitoring

Wolf Haldenstein has the unique expertise to conduct detailed, nuanced and sensitive investigations on behalf of governmental entities to examine instances of suspected misconduct, to identify compliance risks and prevent infraction recurrence.  We investigate allegations of fraud, rights violations, illegal conditions, and deceptive, wasteful or improper practices related to billing, labor law compliance, procurements, contracting and the systematic failure of an agency to carry out its core mission.

Public sector agencies present unique circumstances and require specific expertise when internal investigations are implemented.  Decisions and actions must take into account a wide variety of stakeholders and constituencies and be modified to adapt to an agency’s culture and clientele in order to be effective.

Our Firm considers the full context of each situation in determining the scope, process, and procedure for an investigation.  Our attorneys can create and implement an investigative plan that focuses on strengthening protocols, maintaining deterrence procedures, and ensuring policy implementation integrity.  By encouraging documentation, providing oversight and monitoring, creating and assessing internal controls, strengthening personnel management, and implementing best practices, our Firm can guide agencies toward a proactive compliance environment that benefits all stakeholders.

When certain complex situations arise, Wolf Haldenstein can work alongside or parallel to existing internal investigators.  Depending on the circumstances, our Firm can adapt to provide both cooperative investigative support or independent reporting and recommendations in order to complete a successful investigation and set an appropriate monitoring protocol in place.

Wolf Haldenstein’s Government Investigations practice is fully supported by the Firm’s Business Practice, Social Justice and Labor practice groups, utilizing our experience and knowledge in governmental operations, government procurement and contracting, jury trials, civil rights, whistleblower protections, and business litigation to provide oversight, save taxpayer money and improve the operations of municipal agencies and governments.

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