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False Claims Act

Wolf Haldenstein is committed to protecting taxpayers and other whistleblowers through the use of the False Claims Act to recover billions in stolen funds for the government. As a national leader in False Claims Act litigation, Wolf Haldenstein has obtained substantial recoveries through its in-depth knowledge of the Act and related statutes at both the state and federal level.

Individuals or entities that file fraudulent claims or invoices against the government to recoup money for which they are not eligible cost taxpayers billions of dollars every year.  Federal and state laws protect against false claims and give private citizens – known as “relators” – the right to bring an action on behalf of the government against individuals or businesses that have committed fraud against a government entity or program.  Under the False Claims Act, relators are protected from retaliation and are entitled to receive a percentage of the money recovered for the government.  Wolf Haldenstein is dedicated to protecting and fighting for those brave whistleblowers who take action and fight fraud on behalf of the government.  We value our clients’ confidentiality and work to ensure that relators are compensated while being sufficiently protected.

False claims cases can be brought in any industry in which the government conducts business or issues contracts, including the health, education, agriculture, energy, military, housing and transportation sectors.  Cases may involve fraudulent healthcare claims or insurance reimbursements; illegal remuneration such as bribes, kickbacks, or unlawful incentives; illicit marketing schemes; contractor overcharges or falsified invoices; labor substitutions or product alterations; or fraudulent loans and grants.

Often these cases involve very large sums of money, as each transaction is considered a separate fraud and the defrauding has usually taken place over several years.  As such, successful false claims cases often result in large recoveries.  Relators are very valuable to the government, since they are often the only source of reporting on the fraud in question and these cases usually have a deterrent effect on future potential fraud.   Even in those instances when a defrauded government entity declines to intervene in a False Claims action, Wolf Haldenstein has the proficiency and dedication to continue prosecuting the case on behalf of the relator to obtain a successful recovery.

Wolf Haldenstein’s False Claims Act practice is fully supported by the Firm’s Government Investigations and Monitoring practice as well as our Consumer Protection and Labor practice groups, combining our knowledge of government operations, procurement, contracting, complex class actions, unfair practices, and whistleblower protections to curtail fraud against the federal government while saving taxpayers money and protecting our clients.

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