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Civil Rights

Over its long history, Wolf Haldenstein has demonstrated a strong commitment to progressive civil rights protection and social justice.  This proud tradition began over fifty years ago when the Firm’s partners represented the Freedom Riders in the South during the Civil Rights movement, and it continues to this day.

Wolf Haldenstein’s current Civil Rights practice includes representing and protecting the civil rights of children in protective custody; employees facing workplace discrimination; employees experiencing intimidation or hostile work environments; incarcerated adults; unlawfully arrested peaceful protesters; and minority- and women-owned businesses and business owners.

Individuals are guaranteed numerous civil rights under federal and state laws.  Such rights include the right to privacy, due process, equal protection, freedom of speech and the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. If any of these rights are violated by a public or private entity, individuals may be able to seek redress through a civil lawsuit. Our Firm believes that litigation is often the best solution to fuel change at a systemic level when a violation infringes upon the rights of a group of people.

Wolf Haldenstein’s Civil Rights practice is fully supported by the Firm’s Business Practice and Labor practice groups, integrating our capacity and expertise in class actions, jury trials, and labor law. By ensuring that civil rights statutes are enforced and upheld at city, state and federal levels, Wolf Haldenstein protects the interests of our clients while advocating for progressive social justice on a broader scale.

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