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Social Justice

Wolf Haldenstein has a long, proud history of fighting for progressive social justice.

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Wolf Haldenstein’s Social Justice group includes the practice areas of Intellectual Property & Public Domain Protection, Civil RightsUnlawful Taxation and False Claims Act. Our Firm is nationally recognized as a leader for litigating complex and unique cases for unlawful taxation, public domain protection and civil rights. We have achieved significant victories and garnered protections for our clients across a vast spectrum of social justice issues.  We help bring important creative works into the public domain; protect the civil rights of individuals, including children, who were subjected to unconstitutional treatment; work with the public sector to conduct investigations and monitoring to ensure proper administration of government programs and services and represent whistleblowers who step forward to fight fraud on behalf of the government.

Our attorneys fight for the best results for our clients in every case. Whether leading class actions to protect civil rights or working to ensure that historic cultural works remain in the public domain, Wolf Haldenstein is committed to ensuring that matters of social justice are pursued, advanced and protected.

We believe in defending fairness and equality for all.  Let us know how we can help you.