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Ensuring fairness in the workplace is a priority at Wolf Haldenstein.

Wolf Haldenstein’s Labor group includes the practice areas of Wage & Hour and Whistleblower protections.  Our Firm is nationally recognized for litigating complex wage and hour class actions and our efforts have recovered over $300 million for workers in various industries as diverse as stockbrokers and truck drivers. We fight to ensure that workers are paid fairly according to their status; hold employers accountable for misconduct and illegal practices; protect and support whistleblowers in their efforts to combat fraud; and recover lost wages and benefits for workers.

Our attorneys fight for the best results for our clients in every case.  Whether litigating whistleblower cases or leading wage and hour class actions, Wolf Haldenstein is committed to ensuring that all workers are paid fairly and protected under the law, no matter what their occupation or industry.

We believe in a fair, safe and prosperous workplace for all.  Let us know how we can help you.