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Unfair & Deceptive Practices

Wolf Haldenstein is committed to protecting individuals and businesses from unfair and deceptive practices. As a national leader in consumer protection litigation across a variety of sectors, Wolf Haldenstein has been lead or co-lead counsel in several major unfair and deceptive practice cases, winning significant settlements against defendants alleged to have committed incidents of fraud and false advertising that have caused substantial injury to consumers. Wolf Haldenstein has obtained significant settlements for consumers through unfair and deceptive practices settlements.

We have investigated and prosecuted cases related to unfair banking, lending and debt collection practices; deceptive guarantees or warranties; false or misleading advertising; unfair sales practices; deceptive auto-renewals of contracts or services; breaches of restrictive covenants; privacy and confidentiality violations; undisclosed fees; deceptive pricing or billing; and misleading statements regarding the quality or function of products or services.

Our Firm has experience litigating these cases in all venues, from state courts to federal district and appellate courts, and we have achieved key settlements across a broad spectrum of industries.  Our successful prosecutions include recoveries against insurance companies; crop-seed manufacturers; telecommunications and computer companies; automobile manufacturers; internet-based advertising and marketing companies; and footwear manufacturers.

Our attorneys frequently receive inquiries from aggrieved consumers with complaints about products or services.  We investigate each claim rigorously and thoroughly, evaluating each claim to determine the best course of legal action.  We leverage expertise from across the Firm, strengthening our efficiency and results.

Wolf Haldenstein’s Unfair & Deceptive Practices litigation group is fully supported by the Firm’s Investor Protection, Social Justice and Labor practices, combining our knowledge and experience in complex class actions, jury trials, internal investigations and false claims to fight fraud, advocate for consumers and enforce the laws that protect against immoral, unethical or unscrupulous business practices.

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