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Defective Products

Wolf Haldenstein has substantial experience representing plaintiffs who have been damaged by products that have been defectively designed and/or manufactured. Our Firm has a proven track record in litigating product liability cases, protecting consumers and holding manufacturers accountable for their actions. Wolf Haldenstein has obtained significant recoveries for consumers through product defect settlements.

Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted claims including product failure; unsafe or mislabeled ingredients; breach of warranty; manufacturer negligence; failure to recall dangerous or defective products; and failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions regarding safe product usage.

Wolf Haldenstein is currently pursuing class action litigation against several manufacturers arising from the production and sale of dangerously defective vehicles, focusing on faulty ignition and acceleration systems and defective airbag deployment mechanisms.  We have also prosecuted cases regarding unsafe medications, defective toys, faulty household items, and dangerous personal care or leisure products.

We rigorously investigate reports of product failures to identify all the potential sources and instances of liability, reviewing each claim to determine whether other consumers were similarly impacted and whether a liability case can be brought as a class action.  Our Firm works with established and experienced experts to gain a thorough understanding of the scientific and legal issues that affect each claim.  In coordination with industry specialists, our attorneys gather documentation to support and construct a solid case, seeking to bring attention to dangerous product defects while recovering appropriate compensation for all affected consumers.

Wolf Haldenstein’s Product Defects practice area is fully supported by the Firm’s Social Justice and Business Practice groups, leveraging our expertise in complex class actions, jury trials, investigations, deceptive practices, and false claims to fight for consumer and product safety.

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