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REITs & Partnerships

Wolf Haldenstein is uniquely qualified to represent investors, investment funds, investment managers and entrepreneurs in all matters concerning Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), partnerships, LLCs, and other direct investments.  Our expertise in business, corporate and securities litigation gives our attorneys a broad base of experience to draw upon in helping our clients navigate the complex regulatory and financial environment of partnerships and other direct investment arrangements.

Our full-service practice is equipped to advise on the suitability of various REITs, LLCs, joint ventures, partnerships and other structures in order to address our clients’ tax concerns and advance their financial objectives. We provide guidance on the process of devising and establishing direct investment and syndication vehicles for both public and private offerings, advising on operation and organization and encouraging good governance, fiduciary responsibility and financial accountability.  Our Firm focuses on solution-oriented strategies that urge management to take steps designed to maximize the value of our clients’ investments, and we help our clients address problematic managerial conduct through a variety of non-litigation approaches.  We also represent investors seeking to acquire minority or controlling interests in REITs and limited partnerships.

Wolf Haldenstein also represents REIT shareholder and limited partner investor interests by acting as special counsel to investors’ committees and undertaking class and derivative litigations on their behalf.  Our experience in this area has ranged from ensuring fair process in the liquidation transactions of limited partnerships and counseling limited partner committees in dealings with host corporations, to demanding inspection of corporate records and partnership information on behalf of investors, to leading major class and derivative actions involving numerous partnership entities and corporate interests, including Marriott, Cencom, General Electric, and the Empire State Building roll-up.

Wolf Haldenstein’s REITs and Partnerships practice is fully supported by the Firm’s Investor Protection and Business Practice groups, integrating our expertise in class actions, jury trials, transactional litigation, and regulatory defense to protect the interests of shareholders and investors and maximize their potential returns.

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