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ADR & Arbitration

Wolf Haldenstein is uniquely equipped to provide alternative dispute resolution services for a wide variety of matters, from business and employment conflicts to civil and commercial disputes.  We also provide mediation and arbitration services through our team of skilled and experienced mediators and arbitrators.

Our highly esteemed practitioners are experienced in both state and federal courts and can identify the most effective and appropriate resolution processes for each individual situation.  With a vast background of expertise and decades of experience, including a former Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, members of our Firm’s ADR & Arbitration practice are able to manage complex and delicate negotiations and facilitate the constructive dialogue necessary to achieve a satisfactory result.  Our goal is to help our clients avoid protracted litigation and its related costs and burdens by resolving their disputes through negotiation and agreement.

Our mediators and arbitrators are regularly retained to act as neutrals to help disputing parties resolve their disagreements, either voluntarily through mediation or through the streamlined binding arbitration process. Our team provides mediation services that guide the parties through a confidential, discussion-based process aimed at finding areas of agreement which will result in a mutually beneficial outcome. If a dispute necessitates a more rigorous, adjudicative method, our Firm can navigate our clients through arbitration toward a successful resolution.

Wolf Haldenstein’s ADR & Arbitration practice is fully supported by the Firm’s Business Practice group, integrating our knowledge and experience with commercial litigation, business disputes, and partnership law to seek a rapid, discrete and beneficial resolution for our clients.

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