Portfolio Patrol

…it may not only be prudent to initiate litigation, but also a breach of the fiduciary’s duty not to pursue a valid claim.

According to the United States Department of Labor, pension fund trustees have a fiduciary duty to determine whether it would be in the best interest of a fund to pursue securities litigation as a lead plaintiff.

Pension funds benefit from free portfolio monitoring services offered by plaintiffs’ firms to pension funds and other institutional investors.

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Wolf Haldenstein’s Portfolio Monitoring System for Institutional Investors

Wolf Haldenstein’s Securities Litigation practice attorney’s represent institutional investors who lose money due to corporate fraud. With over 300 years of combined experience in securities litigation, our attorneys have recovered over $7 billion on behalf of shareholders.

Despite, federal statutes and regulations such as Dodd-Frank and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that have increased compliance for publicly traded corporations there are still companies that commit violations of the securities laws, to the detriment of institutional investors. For example, in 2016 alone there were over 271 securities litigation cases filed against publicly traded companies. Although not all cases are meritorious, institutional investors should be aware of those that are, specifically those brought against companies where their fund suffered a significant loss. To assist our clients in understanding the impact that securities violations has upon their investments, Wolf Haldenstein offers our portfolio monitoring system, Portfolio Patrol, to each of our clients free of charge. Portfolio Patrol is a 24/7 secure on-line portal that is customized specifically for each client to not only monitor the impact that meritorious securities litigation cases have upon their fund, but also to monitor settlements.  The settlement monitoring function is intended to alert clients to settlements of pending cases, which enables the Firm to assist our clients in preparing, submitting, and ultimately recovering settlement proceeds in class action cases that have been resolved.

Portofolio Patrol is customized for each of our client to provide:

  • Estimated losses that our clients suffer in meritorious securities litigation cases, including the company name, the lead plaintiff filing deadline and the court where the case was filed;
  • The status of every case where the client has suffered a loss, including if the case is still within the lead plaintiff deadline filing period and if the case is pending or settled;
  • Summaries of the allegations made in each case filed against the corporations;
  • All relevant legal documents filed with the Court throughout the litigation’s duration; and
  • Proof of claim filing deadlines once the case is settled including our client’s specific investments in the company during the class period when the alleged fraud occurred to facilitate easy completion of a proof of claim and of course the actual proof of claim that will allow them to recover their pro rata share of losses.

Portfolio Patrol provides clients the ability to view and download case summaries and all relevant court documents. Clients can also sort cases that impact their fund by loss amount, chronologically or alphabetically. Wolf Haldenstein electronically provides clients a quarterly report to fund leadership that includes all relevant information in the fund’s Portfolio Patrol portal. For an on-line 30 minute demonstration of Portfolio Patrol or how to sign up for it  please contact Greg Stone.