Wolf Haldenstein’s Civil Rights Practice Group Profiled in Access to Justice Law360

The history of Wolf Haldenstein’s Civil Rights practice group – from assisting the Freedom Riders in the 1960s to its most recent civil rights settlement against a New York county – was profiled by Law360’s Emma Cueto in her article In Civil Rights Arena, Practice Groups A Rare But Potent Force, Law360 Access to Justice, April 21, 2019.

The article also highlighted Wolf Haldenstein’s related firm culture: “…the firm’s commitment to civil rights comes down to the commitment of the individual attorneys who work there….the fact that we have a civil rights group and we continue having one is because of the people who are here,” partner Regina Calcaterra said. “It really has to do with the culture and beliefs of the particular attorneys.”

The article goes on to point out that while they can be resource intensive, these [civil rights practice] groups have benefits that go beyond the potential payouts from the litigation. “They can have a real impact on the culture at the firm, since many attorneys from other groups enjoy pitching in on civil rights cases,” partner Jeff Smith said.

“It also helps the firm attract talent,” Calcaterra said. “Associates and interns especially enjoy working on the cases,” she noted, “because they can see the impact of their work on people’s lives. And it’s also a selling point when the firm participates in prelaw programs at local colleges aimed at increasing diversity in law.”

“If you want to bring on people who are diverse … your culture has to represent that,” she said.