Davaco, Inc. and Davaco LP (together, “Davaco”) is a multi-site project management and resource deployment firm that supports retail, restaurant, and hospitality services with the development, transformation, and maintenance of their physical sites.  Davaco’s employees entrust it with an extensive amount of their personally identifiable information (“PII”). Davaco retains this information on computer hardware—even after the employment relationship ends.

On or before June 11, 2021, Davaco learned of “suspicious activity” on its computer network.  Based on the findings of investigators Davaco retained, it determined that the suspicious activity on its network involved a ransomware attack on or before June 11, 2021, whereby an unauthorized individual gained access to its network (the “Data Breach”). By June 15, 2021, Davaco had confirmed that in the Data Breach the attacker viewed and removed data stored in the system, including PII. These servers contained files that in turn contained information about current and former employees, including individuals’ names, Social Security numbers, driver’s license and/or government issued identification numbers.

Nearly a month later, Davaco issued a “Notice of Data Security Incident,” dated July 2, 2021, to those whose PII may have been impacted.  If you received a NOTICE OF DATA BREACH from Davaco and you reside in the United States, if you wish to discuss this litigation, or if you have any questions regarding your rights and interests in this matter, please immediately contact Wolf Haldenstein by telephone at (800) 575-0735, via e-mail at gstone@whafh.com, or visit our website at www.whafh.com.