Business Practice

Business Practice When it comes to antitrust and business litigation, Wolf Haldenstein is a proven leader. Our Business Practice group includes Antitrust, ADR & Arbitration, REITs & Partnerships, Business Disputes, White Collar Defense, Regulatory Defense and Corporate Investigations & Monitoring. Wolf Haldenstein’s trial-tested attorneys have been recognized by courts throughout the United States as being [...]


Antitrust Wolf Haldenstein is a proven leader in antitrust litigation.  Our Firm represents consumers as well as small and mid-sized businesses that have been harmed by anti-competitive practices.  Wolf Haldenstein has recovered more than $2 billion for clients through antitrust litigation. Competition encourages lower prices, product improvement, and corporate efficiency. Consumers and businesses gain from [...]

Business Disputes

Business Disputes Wolf Haldenstein’s Business Disputes practice specializes in handling complex, multi-faceted litigation and arbitration in a broad range of business areas for both plaintiffs and defendants.  Our Firm has an outstanding track record of successfully litigating commercial cases of all sizes and advocating for our clients in every type of dispute scenario.  We are [...]

Corporate Investigations & Monitoring

Corporate Investigations & Monitoring Wolf Haldenstein has extensive experience in handling internal investigations for corporations, boards of directors, individuals and other private-sector entities.  Our Firm also handles private prosecutions and provides general corporate legal counseling and oversight services, frequently in highly sensitive contexts. Our attorneys are extremely skilled in handling delicate and complex regulatory and [...]

Regulatory Defense

Regulatory Defense Wolf Haldenstein has distinguished itself in its successful representation of entities and individuals in governmental investigations, enforcement actions and other administrative and regulatory proceedings. Our Firm has represented broker-dealers, financial institutions and advisors, officers, board members, directors, and both public and private companies facing securities and commodities related investigations brought by the SEC, [...]

White Collar Defense

White Collar Defense Wolf Haldenstein’s White Collar Defense practice is devoted primarily to defending individual and institutional clients in federal criminal cases, with a focus on white collar matters.  Our Firm also handles a wide array of criminal cases in New York State courts, and we are well-equipped to deal with criminal matters that have [...]

ADR & Arbitration

ADR & Arbitration Wolf Haldenstein is uniquely equipped to provide alternative dispute resolution services for a wide variety of matters, from business and employment conflicts to civil and commercial disputes.  We also provide mediation and arbitration services through our team of skilled and experienced mediators and arbitrators. Our highly esteemed practitioners are experienced in both [...]

Investor Protection

Investor Protection Protecting the rights of investors and shareholders is one of Wolf Haldenstein’s guiding missions. Wolf Haldenstein’s Investor Protection group includes the practice areas of U.S. Securities Litigation, Foreign Securities Litigation, Shareholder Derivative Litigation, Corporate Takeover Litigation and Securities Industry Disputes. Our attorneys have over 350 years of combined securities litigation experience and have recovered more [...]

Foreign Securities Litigation

Foreign Securities Litigation Wolf Haldenstein is well-versed in the nuances and unique processes of initiating and litigating international securities actions in many countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, and Germany. The Firm has a Foreign Securities Litigation Committee charged with the analysis, review, and potential filing of international securities [...]

U.S. Securities Litigation

U.S. Securities Litigation Wolf Haldenstein has a successful history of helping individual and institutional investors — including public pension funds, Taft-Hartley funds and health and welfare benefit funds — protect their assets and recover losses. The Firm has litigated complex securities actions for more than forty years and has recouped more than $7 billion on [...]

Derivative Litigation

Derivative Litigation Wolf Haldenstein is dedicated to protecting institutional and individual investors — including public pension funds, Taft-Hartley funds and health and welfare benefit funds — from corporate wrongdoing by litigating derivative claims to recover damages and to compel corporate governance changes. Wolf Haldenstein’s efforts in litigating derivative and corporate governance cases have resulted in [...]

Corporate Takeover Litigation

Corporate Takeover Litigation Wolf Haldenstein is dedicated to protecting individual and institutional investors, including public pension funds, Taft-Hartley funds and health and welfare benefit funds from corporate wrongdoing by challenging the terms of corporate takeovers. Wolf Haldenstein’s efforts in opposing certain mergers & acquisitions resulted in billions of dollars of increased value for company shareholders, [...]

Securities Industry Disputes

Securities Industry Disputes Wolf Haldenstein is an active participant in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Arbitration and American Arbitration Association forums, representing investors with claims against broker-dealers, investment advisors and other financial institutions. Investors improperly placed into investments or harmed by their advisor’s actions deserve representation that can level the playing field. Wolf Haldenstein [...]


Labor Ensuring fairness in the workplace is a priority at Wolf Haldenstein. Wolf Haldenstein’s Labor group includes the practice areas of Wage & Hour and Whistleblower protections.  Our Firm is nationally recognized for litigating complex wage and hour class actions and our efforts have recovered over $300 million for workers in various industries as diverse as stockbrokers [...]


Whistleblowers Wolf Haldenstein is dedicated to protecting and supporting whistleblowers in their efforts to report and combat fraud and illegal misconduct while safeguarding their confidentiality. Our Firm has extensive experience in prosecuting securities violations, antitrust violations, financial and accounting malfeasance, and labor and consumer law violations, enabling our attorneys to draw on a vast body [...]

Wage & Hour

Wage & Hour Wolf Haldenstein has served as lead counsel in some of the most important state and federal wage and hour class action lawsuits in the United States, which have resulted in the recovery of over $300 million for wronged workers. Our Firm has a stellar record of success in litigating various types of [...]

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Wolf Haldenstein is a national leader in defending consumer rights. Wolf Haldenstein’s Consumer Protection group includes the practice areas of Unfair & Deceptive Practices and Defective Products. Our Firm has been recognized by courts throughout the United States as highly skilled and well-versed in the law, and we have achieved significant recoveries and garnered protections [...]

Unfair & Deceptive Practices

Unfair & Deceptive Practices Wolf Haldenstein is committed to protecting individuals and businesses from unfair and deceptive practices. As a national leader in consumer protection litigation across a variety of sectors, Wolf Haldenstein has been lead or co-lead counsel in several major unfair and deceptive practice cases, winning significant settlements against defendants alleged to have [...]

Defective Products

Defective Products Wolf Haldenstein has substantial experience representing plaintiffs who have been damaged by products that have been defectively designed and/or manufactured. Our Firm has a proven track record in litigating product liability cases, protecting consumers and holding manufacturers accountable for their actions. Wolf Haldenstein has obtained significant recoveries for consumers through product defect settlements. [...]

Tenant Rights

Tenant Rights Wolf Haldenstein has extensive experience representing New York tenants in complex class actions and individual cases involving violations of the Rent Stabilization Law and is recognized as a leader in tenant rights litigation concerning rent regulation and related rent overcharge matters. Among its most noteworthy accomplishments, the Firm achieved a landmark $173 million [...]

Social Justice

Social Justice Wolf Haldenstein has a long, proud history of fighting for progressive social justice. Wolf Haldenstein’s Social Justice group includes the practice areas of Intellectual Property & Public Domain Protection, Civil Rights, Unlawful Taxation and False Claims Act. Our Firm is nationally recognized as a leader for litigating complex and unique cases for unlawful taxation, public [...]

Entertainment, Copyright & Intellectual Property Litigation

Entertainment, Copyright & Intellectual Property Litigation Wolf Haldenstein is a Trailblazer in Copyright Litigation. Wolf Haldenstein has distinguished itself by skillfully navigating the complex relationship between copyright law and public domain protection. The Firm has blazed a trail where the boundaries of ownership and licensing intersect with fair use and the public domain. Wolf Haldenstein [...]

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Over its long history, Wolf Haldenstein has demonstrated a strong commitment to progressive civil rights protection and social justice.  This proud tradition began over fifty years ago when the Firm’s partners represented the Freedom Riders in the South during the Civil Rights movement, and it continues to this day. Wolf Haldenstein’s current Civil [...]

Unlawful Taxation

Unlawful Taxation Wolf Haldenstein has achieved substantial and noteworthy settlement results in litigating large class actions against the levying of unlawful taxes. Our Firm represents individual consumers and private businesses seeking redress for deprivations related to the establishment and collection of unlawful taxes.  We fight for our clients by identifying improper overcharges and assessments, suing [...]

False Claims Act

False Claims Act Wolf Haldenstein is committed to protecting taxpayers and other whistleblowers through the use of the False Claims Act to recover billions in stolen funds for the government. As a national leader in False Claims Act litigation, Wolf Haldenstein has obtained substantial recoveries through its in-depth knowledge of the Act and related statutes [...]