Wage & Hour Class Action Filed Against NCAA & PAC 12 On Behalf Of Big Time College Football Players

On September 26, 2016, Wolf Haldenstein partners Mark Rifkin and Betsy Manifold and their co-counsel, John M. Kelson and Jerry K. Cimmet, filed a class action complaint on behalf of Lamar Dawson, a former football player at the University of Southern California, against the NCAA and the PAC-12 Conference alleging that the defendants failed to pay minimum wages to the plaintiff and all other PAC-12 football players in violation of California and federal laws.  The complaint, filed in federal court in San Francisco, alleges that the football players were employed by the NCAA and PAC-12, who jointly controlled the terms and conditions under which the players worked (i.e., played football) and nearly every other aspect of their lives.

According to Mr. Rifkin, “college football is a big business for the NCAA’s top-tier Division I FBS teams.  The athletes who play football for those teams, whose labor earns vast sums of money for the teams, the leagues, and the NCAA, must be compensated properly under state and federal law.”

View a copy of the Complaint here.

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