Whistleblower Representation.

Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP provides specialized services to victims or witnesses of corporate wrongdoing.  As a result of the Firm’s extensive experience prosecuting securities violations, antitrust violations, financial and accounting malfeasance, and consumer law violations, Wolf Haldenstein has a vast body of knowledge and experience in the law protecting individuals who report such wrongdoing to public officials (such as federal or state attorneys general and prosecutors and regulatory agencies), or who bring private enforcement actions on their own behalf or on behalf of a class of victims.  The Firm represents “whistleblowers” on a confidential basis, and frequently does so at no cost to the individual reporting or prosecuting the misconduct.  If you have been the victim of corporate malfeasance or know of such misconduct and wish to report the wrongdoing or take legal action yourself, please contact Mark Rifkin at rifkin@whafh.com or at (212) 545-4762.