When employers fail to fairly compensate you, we take action.

What is your recourse when an employer shorts you and your colleagues on overtime, takes improper deductions from your paycheck or applies chargebacks to your earned income?

Talk to us. We have served as lead counsel in some of the most significant overtime class action lawsuits in the United States against companies that have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or state labor laws.

We have recovered more than $250 million in employee wages from major corporations that have:

• failed to pay overtime and other earned income
• taken improper deductions from compensation
• not reimbursed company or business expenses
• misclassified employees as independent contractors
• not complied with required layoff warning statutes

We have restored significant earned income to thousands of employees nationwide, particularly in the financial sector. Our settlements include:

• $108 million for Smith Barney brokers
• $50 million for Morgan Stanley brokers
• $50 million for Wachovia and Prudential brokers