Wolf Haldenstein has substantial experience representing  plaintiffs who have been injured by  products that have been defectively designed and/or manufactured.  Claims arising out of a product defect can include breach of warranty, negligence and/or state consumer protection laws.  Wolf Haldenstein  is currently leading  class action litigation against several automotive manufacturers arising out of dangerously defective vehicles, including the following cases:

 Johnson v. Ford Motor Co., 3:13-cv-6529 (S.D. W. Va.),  is a multi-state class action against Ford Motor Company arising out of claims of sudden unintended acceleration (“SUA”)  involving over thirty vehicle models. Plaintiffs allege that the Ford vehicles have a defective electronic throttle control system (“ETC”)  and lack an adequate fail-safe to prevent SUA events from occurring. Plaintiffs have filed an amended complaint in this action alleging, inter alia, violations of numerous states’ consumer protection laws and breach of warranty claims.

 Zaccagnino v. Nissan N. Am. Inc., No. 14-cv-03690-LLS (S.D.N.Y), is a class action on behalf of owners and lessees of various Nissan vehicles.  Plaintiffs allege that Nissan violated New York consumer protection laws by selling vehicles with a defective occupant classification system (“OCS”).   Specifically, plaintiffs allege the OCS fails to recognize when a passenger is sitting in the front passenger seat, meaning that, in the event of a collision, the front passenger airbag would not deploy.   Plaintiffs further allege that Nissan’s attempt to remedy the problem through a series of recalls has not been successful.