Wolf Haldenstein’s Expertise in Consumer Fraud.

Wolf Haldenstein’s expertise in consumer fraud class actions is well-recognized.  Our attorneys investigate requests from consumers to look into a deceptive, misleading or fraudulent practice to determine if laws have been violated and a claim might exist.  Our investigative abilities are far-reaching and thorough and we have experience in many different areas of consumer law, including False Advertising and Deceptive Practices cases, Automobile cases and Biotech cases, as discussed below.  We will listen to your story and determine if you have been misled or deceived and whether others have been similarly deceived such that you may have a valid class action case to pursue in court.  You will always be able to speak to an attorney, and it will never cost you a dime.  We invest our time in our cases because we believe in their merits and working together with you we can be successful at prosecuting a valid class action.  Whether you believe you have been defrauded about a particular product or a service, we will be there to assist you.  All you need to do is reach out to us, either by phone or email, and we will respond to your inquiry.  We can be reached at (800) 575-0735, or by email, at pollak@whafh.com.  Read on to learn more details about our class action cases.