When companies mislead or deceive, we defend consumer rights.

As a national leader in consumer protection litigation in many sectors, Wolf Haldenstein has been lead counsel in some of the largest cases and won major settlements against:

• Computer companies
• Cellular telephone companies
• Crop seed manufacturers
• Automobile manufacturers
• Insurance companies
• Internet-based advertising and marketing companies
• Footwear manufacturers

Some of our many successful prosecutions include:

In Reebok Easy Tone Litigation, as co-lead counsel, we achieved a $28.5 million settlement for the false advertising of toning shoes. This was a ground-breaking settlement in this area in which we collaborated with the Federal Trade Commission. In another toning shoe false advertising case, Rosales v. FitFlop USA, LLC, we were also co-lead counsel and helped secure a $5.3 million settlement.

In Vytorin/Zetia Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation, we served on the steering committee for plaintiffs who won a $41.5 million settlement.

In StarLink Corn Products Liability Litigation, we secured a $100 million settlement for all U.S. corn farmers from companies that contaminated their crops with GMO corn.

In Naevus v. AT&T, we achieved a $40 million settlement for 1.1 million cell phone users against AT&T Wireless for falsely claiming its Digital One Rate service was reliable when in fact its quality was poor.

Attorneys from across the firm lend us their expertise, strengthening our efficiency and results. We frequently receive inquiries from aggrieved consumers about products or services, and we investigate each one.

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