Our pioneering litigation tactics set the industry standard.

When the agribusiness Bayer contaminated the U.S. rice supply with experimental and unapproved GMO long-grain rice, they threatened the livelihood of America’s rice farmers.

The price of American rice tumbled, and some export markets banned it.

That’s when 11,000 rice farmers, exporters, mills and dealers banded together in a federal multi-district litigation against Bayer. We represented them as court-appointed co-lead counsel.

In 2011 our clients prevailed in a groundbreaking $750 million settlement. The claimants represent over 85 percent of the planted long grain rice acreage in the U.S.

That’s our biggest settlement in the GMO & biotech industries, but it’s only one of many significant cases we’ve prosecuted in the U.S. through a range of federal and state laws.

We are a pioneer in the field, representing farmers and others harmed by:

• crop supply contamination
• price fixing of genetically modified crop seeds
• false claims of “organic” products

Our innovative litigation tactics—including the use of futures-based market analyses to create damages models for commodity crops—are now considered industry standards.