Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP has expertise in complex litigation with an emphasis on securities litigation, shareholder derivative litigation, antitrust, consumer, federal civil rights, labor and public domain protection.

The Firm has recovered over $9 billion on behalf of investors, consumers, workers and those affected by antitrust violations and has earned global acclaim for its groundbreaking achievements.


Happy Birthday

Wolf Haldenstein
Received Global Acclaim
Freeing the Copyright to Happy Birthday,
the World’s Most Famous Song.

$92.5 Million Settlement for Overcharged LA Taxpayers

Wolf Haldenstein Recouped Over $92.5 Million for Families, Small Businesses and Individuals in the City of Los Angeles.

Families are Cheated by Canned Tuna Price Fixing

Chicken of the Sea,
Bumble Bee & Star-Kist
Face Price Fixing Class Action.

First Amendment Freedoms for Protesters

Federal Civil Rights Class Action May Proceed Against The City of New York For False Arrests & Failing To Train Law Enforcement on First Amendment Freedoms

The Next Type of Subprime Crisis Home Loan?

Wolf Haldenstein files three class action lawsuits against facilitators of PACE loans who participate in a nationwide practice which takes advantage of unwitting homeowners.

Wolf Haldenstein Fights For Workers

“In the labor field, the Firm has tackled Equal Pay Act cases, Wage and Hour cases, plant closings cases, and worker classification cases.”

Bondholders: A Pathway to Recouping Losses

Faced with sustained low interest rates and uncertain equity markets, many investors are looking to the corporate debt markets for returns
with a modest degree of protection against systemic risk.